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Health and Social Services Department

The Health & Social Services Department is responsible to the States of Guernsey, to promote, protect and improve the health and social well-being of the people of Guernsey and Alderney.

The Department has a wide mandate delivering a diverse range of services including preventing, diagnosing and treating people with illnesses and disease and caring for them in its hospital services and supporting people in the community, including people with disabilities.

The Department also provides social services, including ensuring the welfare and protection of children and promoting, protecting and improving personal, environmental and public health for residents within the Bailiwick of Guernsey.

20/20 Vision

People are living longer and there will be fewer working-aged men and women paying the taxes and Social Security contributions that fund health and social care for the Bailiwick of Guernsey.
The HSSD is therefore looking at what will be required to provide Guernsey, Alderney and Herm with adequate and affordable health and social care in the years up to 2020 and what steps are needed to get there.
We have called this process our '2020 Vision' and it will help the HSSD and the States to decide what actions need to be taken to enable people to live healthy and independent lives. A copy of the full document is available to read or download from the 'Supporting Documents' box on the right hand side of this page.

Overview of Responsibilities

- Hospital - Community and Social Care - Public Health services

Political Board

Minister Deputy Minister

Deputy Paul Luxon

Deputy Heidi Soulsby

Board Members

Deputy Mike Hadley

Deputy Sandra James MBE

Deputy Michelle Le Clerc

Chief Officer

Dr Carol Tozer

Contact Details

Corporate Headquarters
Rue Mignot
St Andrews
Channel Islands
Tel: 44 1481 725241
Fax: 44 1481 235341

Contacting Your Political Representatives

If you would like to contact a Member of the States on a specific subject their details are held in the States Members Contact Details Section. The link will take you to a full list of the States Members email addresses and, where relevant, their social media account details.

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