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Health Services

Group of Children

Child Health Clinics

Child Health Clinics are run by Health Visitors to provide parents/carers with an opportunity to access information on any health issues e.g. child development, growth and minor ailments.  These are held weekly at 6 venues throughout the Island and are open to anyone who wishes to discuss their child's health. The preschool booster is offered to all children at 3½ years.

Health visiting

Health visiting is a universal service offered to all families with pre-school children.

Each family has a named Health Visitor who may visit during the antenatal period or commence visiting a day or two after the midwife has discharged the baby.

A Health Visitor visits Alderney one day a week.

Health visitors offer developmental assessments for babies and young children at key points in their lives. In addition health visitors offer help and advice on a range of issues such as feeding, sleeping, potty training and behaviour management.

If health needs are identified through assessment in partnership with families, then the level of health visiting intervention is increased to meet the need. 

For families with complex needs, Health Visitors offer a high level of support usually as part of a multi-agency package.

School nursing

The School Health Service is committed to promoting and maintaining the health of the school age population in their social and educational environment, acknowledging ever changing needs.

There are 11 members of staff within the School Nursing Team who work with children, young people and their families.

A core programme of health surveillance and health promotion is offered to individuals, families and school communities.

The health needs of individuals referred to the service, are assessed by the School Nurses and services are mobilised to meet any identified need.  The School Nurses offer a vaccination programme to all school students routine and catch up vaccinations are available.

For all children, young people and their families with complex/special needs School Nurses offer a high level of support, usually as part of a multi-disciplinary package, and work alongside Health Visitors in collaboration with other professionals, parents, teachers and children.

Frossard Ward (Paediatrics)

All children and young people from birth to 18 years old requiring acute inpatient admissions are admitted to Frossard Ward.

Frossard Ward is a forward thinking, progressive and innovative ward, which practices evidence based care in a relaxed and caring environment.  The Ward consists of a 3 bedded bay area, 5 en-suite side rooms and a designated 1 bedded adolescent unit with en-suite facilities and separate sitting/activities room.  We admit both males and females from birth up until their 18th birthday.

We also have a well equipped 3 cot, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, which can deliver a high level of care to premature babies from 28 weeks gestation.

Frossard Ward is the only designated acute and assessment ward for children on the Island and has the capability to meet all the requirements of sick and injured children.

We practice family centred care and work in partnership with both the parents/families and other members of the multi-disciplinary team.

All nursing care on Frossard Ward is undertaken by qualified Registered Sick Children's Nurses, or General Trained Nurses who have several years experience of nursing children.  A number of staff have extended qualifications in nursing neonates, while others have concentrated on specialist areas within paediatrics.  These areas include oncology, asthma and cardiology.  A bi-weekly Pre-Admission Club invites children and their families to visit the ward.

The Nursing Team is supported by 4 Consultant Pediatricians, who cover the ward 24 hours a day and who also have special interests and responsibility for Community, Child Protection, Complex Needs and Neonatal Services.

Visit the Health Information Exchange website to find our more information about Your Stay in hospital, including things to take with you if you are 7 and under, 8-11 years old or over 12. The Health Information Exchange also have booklets for 'Your Hospital Visit' that give information about  your visit and stay in hospital.  If you would like them to send you one of these books then please call their office on 01481 707470 or email them at info@healthtravel.org.

Children's community nurse

The Children's Community Nurse is based at Lukis House.

She liaises with pediatricians, GP's, Health Visitors, School Nurses, Frossard Ward and other health care professionals to give nursing care in the home. Her role is to help and support both parents and children in the home setting and enabling them to take responsibility for their child's health needs.

Her case load includes children with asthma, those children requiring dressings or injections. She is the liaison nurse for children with cleft lip and palate and children that have undergone day surgery.

Off-Island Treatment

It is not always possible to treat all childrens' conditions on the island as the treatment required may be of a very specialised nature that cannot be provided through the normal channels.  Your child will be referred to the hospital in the UK who specialises in and has the appropriate equipment to treat your child's condition.  All UK referrals are made in the best interest of your child.

The Health Information Exchange will be able to answer any questions you might have if your child has to travel away for their treatment.

Health and Social Services Department

Corporate Headquarters,  Rue Mignot,  St Andrews,  Guernsey,  GY6 8TW,  Channel Islands
Tel: 44 1481 725241 Fax: 44 1481 235341
Email: healthandwellbeing@gov.gg

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