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  • Driving in Guernsey is different

Driving in Guernsey is different

In Guernsey, the roads are narrow, there are special rules, and not all the signs will be familiar to you. The more important differences between driving in Guernsey and driving in other countries are: the Filter in Turn system, Yellow Stopping Lines and Yellow No Stopping Lines. More information on these can be found below and we ask that you please take the time to read these notes carefully before you venture onto the roads.

Filter in turn system

Some junctions have filter in turn on a sign and painted on the road. Approach these with care! At these junctions all directions have equal priority.

You must only enter the junction in turn with other vehicles. These are also usually box junctions, so you must not enter the box unless your exit is clear.

Yellow stopping lines

A yellow line across the exit of a minor road means stop and give way to traffic on the major road. A yellow arrow painted on the road gives warning of a yellow stop line ahead.

Yellow no stopping lines

A single yellow line painted along the side of the road or pavement means that vehicles must not stop for any reason other than to avoid an accident.

Many roads in Guernsey are narrow lanes, with high hedges or granite walls. You must be ready to meet horses, cattle, cyclists, pedestrians, and other drivers who may be just as lost as you!

Please drive carefully. Few junctions away from the primary routes are signposted. Visibility is poor at many junctions. Some have convex mirrors to help motorists, but they make vehicles look further away than they really are.

Care is necessary at all times. Drinking and driving do not mix, and the Police can and do make random checks.

Traffic and Transport Services Unit

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