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Dairy farming is the predominant agricultural activity on Guernsey and it is the major user of the Island's open land.

There are 18 dairy farms that produce milk solely from the unique Guernsey breed of cow and supply Guernsey Dairy with a high quality product that is processed and packaged on the Island and sold as liquid milk, Guernsey cream, Guernsey butter, Guernsey cheddar cheese and Guernsey ice-cream.

Other agricultural activity includes meat production (beef, pork and lamb), crop production (potatoes and other vegetables) and there is a growing interest in small holding. Produce is sold by local shops and butchers, at various farmers markets and at the roadside (hedge veg).

Agriculture provides opportunities for jobs outside of an office environment and is another dimension of the Island's economy. Farming also maintains and preserves the rural landscape and creates a variety of habitats for wildlife.

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