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A limited number of animals and birds can be hunted as game in Guernsey as follows:

Hunting - L'ancress Common

Hunting is permitted on private land and certain public land and the animals that can be hunted are wild Rabbit, Woodpigeon,  Common Pheasant, Grey or English Partridge, Red-Legged or French Partridge, Eurasian Woodcock, Common Snipe, Cross-bred Mallard and Greylag Goose. 

The attached Guidance, Regulation and Order provides information on who can hunt, the places where game animals can be hunted, the methods of hunting that can be used  and, in certain cases the times of the year when game animals can be hunted (there is a close season for some species). Hunting with dogs and ferrets is permitted and nets and cage traps can be used. All other traps and snares are prohibited.

The use of firearms is regulated and hunting on public land requires a hunting permit. The permit only allows hunting on some public land (which is listed on the Permit), it does not allow the holder to hunt on all public land.

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