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Animal Health

A number of animal diseases are notifiable diseases (these are listed in the document that can be downloaded below). A person who suspects that an animal is infected with one of these diseases must report that suspicion to the Commerce and Employment Department.

In some cases the diseases are so serious that the Department has powers to order that animals are slaughtered. In other cases, animals must be isolated and treated.

Animal health measures are also applied when live animals and animal and various other products are imported into the Island. In the case of animals, they may have to be isolated or tested for certain diseases. In the case of products, they may have to originate from a particular place, such as an EU approved slaughterhouse. For further information follow the link to "importing".

There is a legal requirement for cattle to be regularly tested for a number of animal diseases and owners must allow their animals to be tested. Each year a proportion of the Island cattle herd is tested by the Farm Services section of the Commerce and Employment Department by arrangement with the owners.

In the event of a serious risk to the health on animals on the Island, the Commerce and Employment Department will provide advice on precautionary measures.

Certain waste food (including kitchen scraps) cannot be fed to livestock or poultry. For a definition of livestock, poultry and what constitutes waste food, please refer to the Waste Food Ordinance which can be downloaded below.


States Veterinary Officer 234567

Farm Services

Tel: 44 1481 234567 Email: farmservices@commerce.gov.gg

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