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Boarding Permits due for renewal

20 February 2013

Anyone wishing to accommodate visitors for reward must first obtain a Boarding Permit from Commerce & Employment Department, as required by the Guernsey Tourist law (1948-1998).

The permit stipulates the maximum number of persons that may be accommodated at any one site.  The permit requires the holder to maintain the accommodation at a minimum standard, and requires an undertaking that an operator will at all times meet their statutory obligations. More information about Boarding Permits and the Law can be found under Boarding Permits.

All Permits issued after 1st April 2012 will expire at midnight 31 March 2013 unless otherwise indicated on the Permit.

The period of validity for Permits granted on or after April 1 2013 will be up to 31 March 2014, again unless otherwise indicated on the Permit.

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