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States Review Committee

The States has now debated the States' Review Committee's third Policy Letter containing further recommendations for reform of the machinery of government in Guernsey

This third report, which should be read in conjunction with the second report (available below), makes 15 further recommendations for the future organisation of States' affairs which will develop upon the changes, agreed in 2014, when the States debated the Committee's first report into States' reform (also available below).

The third report includes the mandates for the new committees and includes details on where the responsibility for operational functions will sit.

This is the last of the States Review Committee's reports to go to the States for debate. All of the decisions made can be found in the resolutions below. A project team of senior civil servants is now working on implementing these changes for 1st May 2016.

Link to the resolutions from the first policy letter: http://theoldsite.gov.gg/article/112711/2014-July-8th-Billet-XIV

Link to the resolutions from the second policy letter: http://gov.gg/article/120613/States-Meeting-on-7th-July-2015-Billet-XII

Link to the resolutions from the third policy letter: http://gov.gg/article/120544/States-Meeting-on-24th-November-2015-Billets-XX-XXI-and-XXII

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