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Weights & Measures

The Guernsey Trading Standards Service is the organization responsible for the enforcement and administration of the Weights and Measures (Guernsey & Alderney) Law 1991. This Law lays down the framework for a system of checks and controls over all aspects of weighing and measuring of goods and services where the transaction relates to their specific weight or measure. The Law allows for Regulations to made relating to weights and measures. There are currently 20 regulations in force at the moment relating to weights and measures. You can access a current list of them by following the link on the left side of the page to Weights and Measures legislation.

The Law and Regulations apply to Guernsey, Alderney, Herm and Jethou. They do not apply to Sark.

The Law allows for the control of the design of machines and weighing and measuring equipment which are to be used in a trade situation, for example:

· Petrol pumps

· Weighing machines (shop scales)

· Bulk Fuel meters (for measuring central heating and other oils)

· "Optics" (for measuring spirits)

· Beer and wine glasses

· Spirit and wine measures (so called 'thimble' measures)

· Weighing machines (industrial scales)

· Weighbridges (used for weighing lorries, etc)

· Length Measures (for measuring fabric, rope, etc)

The Trading Standards Service checks that equipment is accurate by testing it before it is put into use and by regular checks throughout the life of the equipment.

The Law also ensures that the weight and volume of goods is marked on packages. We will check these, to make sure they're correct, either at the manufacturing stage, or when they make it to the shelves of your local shop.

If a package or a product has a weight, volume or length marking on it, then it is very likely that it has either been checked, or is liable to be checked for accuracy by a Trading Standards Officer

The Law provides offences for short weight or measure, using unstamped equipment and using inaccurate equipment. The Trading Standards Service enforces these provisions and will investigate any complaints it receives.

Trading Standards are happy to help and advise any consumers or businesses who may have any queries or problems with any aspect of the Law or Regulations.

Please note: Jersey has its own weights and measures legislation, which is different to Guernsey's. For further information please follow this link.

Trading Standards Service

Trading Standards Service Guernsey,  Raymond Falla House,  PO Box 459,  Longue Rue,  St Martins,  GY1 6AF,  Channel Islands
Tel: 44 1481 234567 Fax: 44 1481 235015
Email: ts@commerce.gov.gg

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